After figuring out that the new Archer C7 comes with a different flash chip that is not yet supported by an official release, I soon realized that it (the snapshot) does not come with all the bells and whistles that a normal release does; namely LuCI and ath10k firmware.

As a result, and after getting a grip on how this software works, I wanted to make a small rc.local script to automate the process of going from sysupgrade -> fully working exactly the way it was. (Since a sysupgrade currently removes all opkg packages and resets service states when you reinstall the packages) To implement this script, if you have luci, go to http:///cgi-bin/luci/admin/system/startup (or navigate to System -> Startup) and look for the “Local Startup” input box. Copy and paste the script there, and make any modifications necessary.

The result (for me) is that I can throw a sysupgrade image at LuCI, flash that image, and two reboots later I’m back exactly the way I was. Please understand that this is customized specifically to my needs and you’ll need to change things around for yourself, specifically I am using the Archer as an 802.11ac AP and I don’t need typical router functionality, so I’m disabling services like odhcpd and dnsmasq on boot.

In the spirit of sharing, here it is:

Originally posted to /r/OpenWRT: (I am the original author)

- Mike